Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teacher Appreciation 2014

Tribute to my long ago.

Kindergarten Ms Thomas for her patience with me crying daily until I had fully acclimated and knew my mom wasn't lonely without me home. 

First Grade Mrs Flores who never judged me for not coloring in the lines.

Second Grade Mrs Gillespie who inspired me to memorize a lengthy poem to earn enough points to get the book Professor Diggins' Dragons.

Third Grade Ms Van Buren/Mrs College who got married that year and did her very best to make that year miserable for me whether she realized it or not.  Maybe swearing, yelling and telling kids they are stupid through words and actions was acceptable back then but no one else did this and I never saw her do this to other students.

Fourth Grade Ms Atchison for letting us make the coolest Utah History books ever.

Fifth Grade Ms Thiriot/Mrs Yockey, she got married that year to Terry Yockey, yup he played football at University of Utah and taught us all to play. I had my first inclination that I wanted to be the first girl to be quarterback at BYU. LOL

Sixth Grade Mr Hartvigson who retested my reading ability and bumped me back to the highest reading level from the lowest (where I had been stuck and bored stiff since 3rd grade).  I also confirmed that I LOVED math and had a plan to finish calculus before I finished High School.

Seventh through Twelfth many teachers too numerous to list.  Standouts, in 7th Mr.  Young (who was not young) my math teacher confirmed for me that I was never going anywhere with math and crushed my dreams to teach math some day.  Mrs Getz who although made me stand in the corner or sit in the red chair (no real chair just crossing legs and leaning against the wall in sitting position) when she thought we did something wrong, she chose me to be on the yearbook staff which built confidence in me that began my journey into art and an ongoing role on yearbook staff for many of the years to come. 10th grade Mr C who taught Algebra a class we mostly talked about everything else but Algebra. I cried every night getting help from my dad to figure it out but I got it, I got an A in that class and have never finished a math class since.  But I loved the life conversations he would raise. 11th & 12th grade and beyond, Coach Waite (PE) and Mr Gordon (art). Both inspired me to be more than I thought I could be.  They helped me stretch and reach accomplishments I would not have imagined.  I will be forever grateful for their genuine interest in me as a student and helping me find what was trapped inside. 

These teachers, the great and the not so great all taught me important things that shaped my life in many ways.  I learned that not everyone plays nice.  I learned what it feels like to have a teacher really believe in you.  Grateful for the lessons learned from all of them.

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